Data Release 1

Time Series Data

The Time Series data files contain the count rates seen by the IBEX sensors in both direct event (DE) and histogram (HB) modes. The documentation file explains the details.  
The Time Series data can be accessed by clicking here.

Map Data

The IBEX Map data files plot the IBEX Hi and Lo flux rates onto the celestial sphere, in J2000 ecliptic coordinates. The flux maps are sums over a six-month period (orbits 9-31) and are broken out by sensor energy band (Hi bands 2-6, Lo bands 5-7). 
Also included are plots of Hydrogen and Oxygen rates based on time-of-flight measurements. 
The Maps data can be accessed by clicking here.

Calibration Data

The Calibration Data files give all information about the IBEX sensors required to understand the collected data. The calibration data can be accessed by clicking here.  The documentation file explains the details.