Data Release 2

The IBEX second data release consists of maps of the heliosphere in two epochs, plus maps made from the combination of the two epochs. The data release also contains a preprint of McComas et al. 2010, "The evolving outer heliosphere: Large-scale stability and time variations observed by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer".

The maps provided in the second data release were made using data taken taken with the IBEX Hi sensor in its energy bands 2 through 6. The first epoch's maps, found in directories Map1 and Map1_CG, were made using data from orbits 11 through 33 (December 2008 through June 2009); the second epoch's maps, found in directories Map2 and Map2_CG, were made using data from orbits 34 through 56 (June 2009 through December 2009). The combined maps were made with data from orbits 11 through 56.

There are five map folders in the IBEX second data release. Folders Map1 and Map2 contain maps in each of the five Hi sensor energy bands of the ENA flux as seen the IBEX spacecraft frame. Folders Map1_CG and Map2_CG contain Compton-Getting-corrected maps in the heliospheric frame for each of the two epochs; these folders also contain monoenergetic maps at five energies derived from the maps in the Hi sensor energy bands. The monoenergetic maps created from the combination of epoch 1 and epoch 2 Compton-Getting-corrected data are found in the folder Combined_Maps.

More information about the IBEX second data release can be found here.